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About XO Communications

XO Communications offers service in 3 states. The average download speed on XO Communications is 2 Mbps. XO Communications offers service in 25,781 Households. Your best chance of finding XO Communications service is in New Jersey, their largest coverage area. You can also find XO Communications in Maryland, Virginia, It is a Wireless provider, which means they deliver service by installing a small antenna on your home, aimed towards another larger fixed antenna near your location. Once installed, Internet is delivered over radio waves passed from one antenna to another. It is important to keep in mind that the clearer the path between the antennas, and the closer together they are, the better your service you can expect.XO Communications has rapidly become one of the largest national Internet service providers, focusing exclusively on communications services for businesses throughout the United States. In addition to conventional phone and Internet plans, XO Communications also offers mobile phone service for businesses. To select XO Communications services, you can begin by selecting your type of business. They specialize services for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. In addition, their Internet plans are available wholesale. Rather than offering bulk plans that may or may not fit your individual needs, XO Communications works hard to make sure each business customer has the services they need for their business to run smoothly. You work closely with an XO specialist to build a service plan that covers your expectations. If you have a specific budget for your phone and Internet services, they can work with you to stay within your budget. Services that you may order are varied. This company specializes in communications, security, and networking. They also supply IT solutions. You may add VoIP phone plans, hosted IT support, cloud computing, and managed networks to your plan. Since this company is so large, it can support businesses of any size, including those with hundreds or thousands of locations that need Internet service. There are lots of benefits to working with an ISP that specializes in business services. After your services are purchased and installed, you still get XO Communications support. If you have any lags in Internet speed, outages, or security breaches, you get prompt on-site support from their team. Furthermore, you can adjust your plans and services as your business grows and becomes more successful. Getting your business connected is a big part of your success. You must be able to communicate securely and efficiently with your staff members and customers to make the most of each day. Learn more about how XO Communications can get you on the right path.

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